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Giant easy fleece tunnel

Giant easy fleece tunnel

fleece tunnel
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Product description

An easy-to-use fleece tunnel that is made from high grade 30gsm polypropylene fleece.

Creates warmth and insulation whilst allowing water and sunlight to filter through. Maintains a constant atmosphere for faster and surer growth. Protects from frost, strong sunlight and pests.

Galvanised steel hoops are incorporated into the material to create a one piece, easy to use tunnel. Several tunnels can be joined together by overlapping their ends. The last section can be positioned open, partially open, or fully closed for complete protection.

L300cm x W60cm x H45cm

“If you order your plants in February, prepare the ground and fleece it as a precaution against frost. Then when your plants come they can be put into unfrozen soil.”

Val Bourne - Garden Writer