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Original flexi trug green

Original flexi trug green

40 litre - green
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Availability: in stock

Product description

  • Large capacity - holds 40 litres
  • UV sunlight proof
  • Lightweight, flexible and sturdy

These cheerful, versatile trugs are great for a multitude of uses around the garden. They come in handy for mixing, harvesting, pouring, scooping, carrying and more. Even the professionals love a trug!

Great for getting organised, they come in a variety of colours so you can use a different trug for each job. They're so bright you'll never have to worry about losing one.

The trugs are tough and sturdy, yet lightweight and flexible, with built-in handles making them easy to lift and carry around the garden. They're also UV-proof so they'll stay strong and colourful for longer.

H31cm x W32cm (base) / W43cm (top)

Please note: the size of this product is approximate and should not be used where accurate measurements are required.