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Calendar seed storage box

Calendar seed storage box

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Product description

  • Holds larger seed packets
  • Organises seeds by sowing date
  • Powder coated galvanised steel

These handy seed boxes will help you get organised and never miss a sowing deadline.

As a grower, there’s nothing worse than the sinking realisation you’ve missed the boat and have to wait another year to grow your favourite crop. File your seed packets neatly by sowing month in these boxes and you'll never know that horror again!

Made from tough galvanised steel with a rust-resistant powder coating, the boxes are big enough to hold the largest seed packets - even awkward bean ones that won't fit into most seed storage tins.

The box will also keep your seeds dry and protect them from mice and other hungry pests.

Available in a choice of colours, sold separately. Includes card dividers.

H20cm x W13cm x D26cm

“If you spot any perennials that have set seed and you want to grow them on, then sow the seed now. Annual seeds can be stored in a tin and dried. Make sure that you harvest the seed on fine days and allow the seeds to dry before cleaning them. Add a clearly written label.”

Val Bourne - Garden Writer