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Swing hammock with bars - rainbow

Swing hammock with bars - rainbow

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Product description

This vibrant hammock provides a cosy and comfy space for you to sit back and enjoy all your hard work this summer. Each hammock is completely handmade, with each and every stitch of the crochet hammocks made by artisans in El Salvador, and comes complete with matching pillow cover.

This hammock can be hung from between two trees, posts or garden wall so long as the hardware and hanging strings are strong enough to hold the weight of the person using it. The approx. capacity of the swing hammock is 120kg but please make sure secure and strong before use.

How to hang the string hammock:

Between two trees or posts: tie a strong rope around the tree, make a knot, then reach the hammock's eye and make another knot. Ideally, supports, posts or trees should be 25-30cm further apart than the length of the hammock.

Prior to using your hammock, please check all knots are tight and secure and carefully sit in it to make sure it has been installed properly.

Although these fabrics are mildew and fade resistant, avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight and rain, which can weaken the fabric and strings over time. When not in use, we recommend bringing the hammock indoors. Hand washable with mild soap. Dry thoroughly before storage.

Please note: rope and fixings not included.