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Horses tail wire lights

Horses tail wire lights

100 lights 10 strand
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150 lights 10 strand
Availability: in stock

Product description

  • Low voltage LED ‘horses tail’ lights
  • Mouldable wire holds its shape
  • Timer operated

These delicate strand lights with 8 multi-function settings add a real touch of magic at Christmas, but look great all year round.

The strands are made from mouldable copper wire which holds its shape, making it easy to loop, drape or wind them around trees, furniture, ornaments and more. Each strand features low energy warm white LED lights.

The battery-powered lights have a weatherproof battery box, making them suitable for outdoor or indoor use. An energy-saving 6 hours on / 18 hours off timer maximises battery life, providing up to 72 days of illumination in flashing mode or 60 days in static.

50 lights - 5 x 0.5m strands
100 lights - 10 x 1m strands
150 lights - 10 x 1.5m strands