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Leaf motif iron fire pit

Leaf motif iron fire pit

Availability: in stock
Availability: in stock

Product description

  • Decorative design
  • Protective coating
  • 5-year guarantee

Ideal for adding ambience to the garden, this generous fire trough features foliage-shaped perforations to help the fire breathe while letting you enjoy heat and light through the sides. Perfect for entertaining guests or simply relaxing at the end of the day.

Caring for your fire pit

These Crocus Collection fire bowls are made from 3-4mm thick sheet iron coated with a durable fire-retardant paint. They may be left outside all year round, but certain safeguards will help prolong their life.

When not in use, we recommend standing bowls on their side to prevent them filling with rainwater; leaning against a wall in a sheltered spot is ideal.

To keep the metal in good condition, regularly coat the surfaces with cooking oil or reapply heat-retardant paint. Over time, exposed metal will naturally rust to produce an oxidised protective coating, but the bowl will retain its structural integrity over many years of use.

Supplied with a 5-year guarantee.

Small - L50cm x W50cm x H37cm
Large - L60cm x W60cm x H38cm

For outdoor use only. Keep children and pets away from the brazier when lit. Always position away from buildings on a safe non-flammable surface. If using on a paved patio, place on an additional protective paving stone made from solid natural stone or concrete at least 5cm thick. This will avoid possible discolouration and cracking of your patio, as some mock slabs made from resin or ceramic may be susceptible to heat damage. Only for use with logs or charcoal.