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Woodson fire lighter

Woodson fire lighter

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Product description

  • From sustainable forests
  • Ready to use
  • 100% natural and odourless

Light fires safely, quickly and easily with these natural wood firestarters.

The eco-friendly cones are made from 100% sustainable wood and cardboard, with no wax, kerosene or other noxious chemicals - so they're kinder to the environment than regular firelighters, and odourless when they burn.

They make it simple and fuss-free to light barbecues, braziers, bonfires and fireplaces without the need for kindling, paper or any flammable products.

Just place the cone, narrow end up, on a flat surface, surround it with wood or other fuel up to its full height (leaving the top uncovered), and drop a lit match inside. After 5 minutes, add some coal or wood and watch your fire flourish!

Box contains 6 firestarters and a small box of matches. Approximate burning time 3 minutes.

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