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Bug and bee house

Bug and bee house

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European Consumers Choice Award Winner 2014

This award-winning nest box is an ideal way to attract beneficial bees and bugs to the garden. The top chamber features seven wooden nesting and bamboo tubes of various sizes which encourage safe solitary bees to nest. The lower chamber is filled with pine cones to provide a safe habitat for insects such as ladybirds, earwigs and lacewings.

The wooden retaining in the lower chamber can also be removed so that alternative natural materials such as straw or bark can be used to provide a safer wintering habitat.

Made from FSC timber with an eau de nil painted finish. Place in a sheltered position up to 2 metres above ground level, facing south or south east to catch the morning sun.

If you see the block and tubes filled by the end of summer, it is a good idea to cover them with chicken wire 25mm from the face of the biome to prevent woodpecker attack.

Packaged in an attractive gift carton with a free pack of British wildflower seeds specially selected to attract bees, plus a free bee species guide.

W12cm x L10.5cm x H20.5cm

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