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Colour infrared camera nest box kit

Colour infrared camera nest box kit

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Product description

Watch your own wildlife programme broadcast directly from your garden! This hidden camera nesting box lets you monitor and record the comings and goings of birds as they feed, hatch and roost, with live action transmitted straight to your TV.

Made from sturdy FSC-certified timber, the box houses a mini CMOS colour/infrared camera which securely clips inside the pitched roof. It operates in high-quality colour during daylight, switching to black and white in low light.

A Perspex side window increases light into the box to improve camera resolution, and a 29mm copper hole protector limits access to small birds. If you’d rather film larger species, it can simply be unscrewed and removed.

Out of nesting season, the camera unit can be used inside hedgehog houses, bat boxes, insect habitats, covered bird feeders, aviaries, stables, hutches, etc, as well as for domestic pet surveillance.

Supplied with everything you need to connect the camera to your TV: a 30m cable, scart adapter and low voltage power unit.

Please note: the mini camera is not fully waterproof so should not be used outdoors with no protection or housing.