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Bird house silhouette print with camera

Bird house silhouette print with camera

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Product description

Enjoy watching live nature footage on your smartphone or tablet with this WiFi camera bird house.

The Scandinavian-style oak nest box features a tree silhouette surround and a built-in camera to capture the action of the birds inside. The footage is sent direct to your device so you can watch live from any room.

To set up:

1. Install the ‘IEye’ app on your device and register your account.
2. Unscrew the side of the box, lift up the acrylic surround and connect the 20m cable to the camera. Plug it in and switch it on; a beep will let you know when the camera is active.
3. Add the camera to your IEye app and connect it to your WiFi network.
4. Mount the box outside within reach of your WiFi signal and wait for birds to settle in.

Supplied with full instructions.

W16cm x D13cm x H32cm