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No mess seed mix 2kg

No mess seed mix 2kg

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Product description

  • Rich nutrient source with no waste
  • Brings a variety of birds to the garden
  • Fallen seeds will not grow

Attract a wide range of birds to your garden with this high-energy seed mix. All seeds are husk-free, so there'll be no waste left behind and no risk of dropped seeds germinating into unwanted plants.

Suitable for seed feeders, table and ground feeding, but place well away from cats and other predators.

Ensure a plentiful supply at peak feeding times such as dusk and dawn, and provide a fresh supply of drinking water nearby. Clear away any uneaten food/droppings regularly to keep the feeding area hygienic.

May contain nuts. Store in a cool, dry place.

Endorsed by the British Trust for Ornithology and complies with all the Birdcare Standards Association specifications.