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Daily seed blend 2kg buy one get one free

Daily seed blend 2kg buy one get one free

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Product description

  • Manufactured in Britain
  • Nutritious blend of seeds
  • General feed for year-round use

Feed more birds for less with these 2-for-1 bags of blended seed. The well-balanced and nutritious mix will attract a wide variety of birds to the garden, including blue tits, finches, sparrows and robins. Suitable for use in seed feeders, ground feeders or bird tables.

Place well away from cats and other predators with a fresh supply of drinking water nearby, and ensure a plentiful supply at peak feeding times. Clear away any uneaten food/droppings regularly to keep the feeding area hygienic.

Supplied in resealable bags to retain freshness. May contain nuts. Store in a cool, dry place.

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