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Mexican orange blossom

Choisya × dewitteana Apple Blossom ('Pmoore09') (PBR)

Mexican orange blossom

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Product description

  • Position: full sun or partial shade
  • Soil: fertile, well-drained soil
  • Rate of growth: average
  • Flowering period: April to May and often again in August to September
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

    This is a fab new choisya, and the first of its kind to have bicoloured, pink and white flowers. Like its close cousins, it retains its leaves throughout the year, but these are much finer than many of the others, which gives the plant a more delicate appearance. The flowers appear in mid- to late spring, emerging pink from deeper pink buds, but as they mature, the colour fades to white. This often produces a two-tone effect on the flower cluster. It's overall shape is compact too, with quite an upright silhouette, so perfect for pots or smaller gardens.

  • Garden care: Prune established plants in late spring or early summer (immediately after flowering), removing 25-30cm of the flowered stems. This encourages a second flush of flowers in late-summer and autumn. At the same time remove any frost-damaged stems to the base.