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Grow your own funky rainbow vegetable kit

Grow your own funky rainbow vegetable kit

Grow your own funky rainbow vegetable kit

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Product description

    • Position: full sun
    • Soil: well-drained soil
    • Rate of growth: average - fast

      Grow your own vibrant rainbow vegetables with this complete kit. This fantastic 21 piece grow kit contains everything you need to start your own funky rainbow vegetable patch!

      21 piece kit contains:
      6 sachets of seed, 6 biodregradable pots, bag of growing medium, plastic propagator, 6 plant markers, handy instruction booklet with recipes.

      This kit contains the following seeds:
      Beetroot Rainbow Mix
      Brighten up any meal with this colourful mixture of beetroot that provide great flavour both when cooked or eaten raw.
      Purple Carrots
      Did you know that carrots were originally purple? This eye catching and tasty variety is particularly sweet when eaten raw in salads.
      Vivid Swiss Chard
      A rainbow mixture of Swiss chard that produces colourful stem with a delicate flavour and are crowned with large leaves.
      Radish Blush Mix
      A vibrant mixture of radish varieties in shades of pink, purple, and white, will add colour and flavour to your summer salads.
      Tomato Tigerella
      Heavy cropping variety with a tangy flavour and eye-catching stripes in red and yellow, ideal for livening up salads.
      Squash Turkish Turban
      Colourful squash with distinctive shape and excellent flavour when roasted, baked and steamed. Also ideal for soups.

    • Product size: 29 x 7.5 x 18.5cm