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umbrella tree 'Gold Capella'

Schefflera arboricola 'Gold Capella'

umbrella tree 'Gold Capella'

Availability: to order from spring 24cm pot - 1.4m tall

Product description

  • Position: bright but indirect light
  • Soil: good potting compost
  • Rate of growth: average
  • Hardiness: tender (indoors only)
  • Current height: approximately 140cm (including pot)
  • Pot covers: choose a 25cm pot cover to give a good fit over the pot

    The leaves of this easy to grow house plant form in finger-like leaflets, which radiate out from a central point - hence the common name of 'umbrella tree'. These rich green leaflets are variously and irregularly splashed with yellow, so some will have a lot of yellow, while others may have none at all.

    Please note that the pot in the photograph is not supplied with the plant (which is sent out in a black plastic pot). They do however make excellent potted plants, and if you wish to pot yours up, we do have a wide range of pots on our website to choose from.

  • Home care: Place in bright but indirect light and keep well watered during the growing season - making sure that the excess water can drain away freely. Water less often in winter and maintain temperatures above 12C. Mist the leaves regularly with water to improve the humidity around the plant, or sit the pot in a tray of moist shingle.

“Due of its characteristic leaf shape, a Schefflera is also known as a finger tree. And you don't have to have green fingers, because it can even withstand a little neglect.”

John Hiorns - Plant buyer