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weeping fig

Ficus microcarpa 'Moclame'

weeping fig

Availability: to order from spring 2020 31cm pot - 1.2m tall

Product description

  • Position:bright but indirect light
  • Soil: good potting compost
  • Rate of growth: average to fast
  • Hardiness: tender (indoors only)
  • Current height: approximately 120cm (including pot)
  • Pot covers: choose a 32cm pot to give a good fit over the pot

    An attractive (and popular) houseplant, that's also relatively easy to look after, which makes it a good option for the novice. The small(ish) foliage is a great shade of green, and it has a leathery texture, so it feels nice to the touch, and as the plant has a mainly upright habit, it's big enough to make an impact without taking up too much space.

    Please note that the pot in the photograph is not supplied with the plant (which is sent out in a black plastic pot). They do however make excellent potted plants, and if you wish to pot yours up, we do have a wide range of pots on our website to choose from.

  • Home care: It doesn't have many needs, as long as you find a bright spot away from direct sunlight, not close to a heat source like a radiator and away from any draughts it will usually be happy. Once it has the right place try not to move it as they don't like being moved around. Water with tepid water when the soil is just starting to dry out on the surface, but don't let it dry out completely. During the winter you can reduce the watering. Mist the leaves in the summer months, and feed with a liquid fertiliser during the growing season.

  • May cause skin allergy

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