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birds nest fern on lava rock

Asplenium antiquum on lava rock

birds nest fern on lava rock

Availability: in stock lava rock & tray

Product description

  • Position: indirect light
  • Rate of growth: slow
  • Hardiness: tender (indoors only)
  • Current height: approximately 18cm(ish) including lava and pot

    We loved these when they first came into the office, and we all wanted one for our desks - and that's because we had never seen anything quite like them! It's quite a sculptural piece composed of a birds nest fern, which rather than being grown in a pot, has been attached to a piece of real lava, allowing the roots to grow down and around the stone. The fern forms a nest-like cluster above the lava (which will vary in shape, so it may not look like the stone in our photo), and it will flourish in a humid environment such as a bathroom or kitchen.

  • Home care: Keep the tray three quarters full with water (ideally using filtered or rainwater to avoid the limescale turning the rock white), and make sure it does not dry out. The porous rock will then soak up the moisture, allowing the plants roots to absorb it. Misting the leaves regularly with water will help improve the humidity around the plant, and feed with a diluted liquid fertiliser (only one quarter the recommended strength), when watering from late spring to early autumn.

“ A tough houseplant. Asplenium comes from the spleenwort family and is derived from the Greek: "Asplenon", which means spleen herb. Until the Middle Ages, ferns were used as a healing drink against diseases of the spleen. Air purifying and healing power in your room.”

John Hiorns - Plant buyer