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Indoor amaryllis & glass jar gift set

amaryllis (Galaxy Group) 'Red Lion' and glass gift jar

Indoor amaryllis & glass jar gift set

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Product description

  • Position: bright but not in full sun
  • Soil: good quality potting compost
  • Flowering period: December to March
  • Hardiness: frost tender (will need winter protection)
  • Bulb size: 26/28

    An interesting houseplant with spectacular funnel-shaped flowers. Groups of up to four flowers appear on tall stems before the strap-like green leaves. The stunning blooms appear about six to eight weeks after planting, and with careful timing you could have a lovely display just in time for Christmas. Presented in a lovely growing jar with decorative stones to plant the amaryllis in.

  • General care: Fill the jar with the stones, setting the bulb in the stone so that the top two thirds are exposed. Water the stones lightly watering too much just after potting can cause the bulb to rot. Keep the plant in a sunny spot, though not direct sun and rotate the plant so as to avoid the flower stalk leaning towards the light. . Full growing instructions are sent with this item.

  • Harmful if eaten