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Indian shot

Canna indica Tropicanna Gold ('Mactro') (PBR)

Indian shot

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Product description

  • Position: full sun (or indoors in full light shaded from hot sun)
  • Soil: fertile, well-drained soil or loam-less potting compost
  • Flowering period: June to September
  • Hardiness: half hardy (will need winter protection)

    Golden-orange flowers top the upright stems throughout the summer, providing a magnificent contrast to the large paddle-shaped foliage, which has a network of prominent yellow veins. Perfect for adding height to the summer planting scheme.

  • Garden care: Water regularly during the growing season, applying a phosphorus-rich liquid fertiliser each month. In frost-prone areas lift the rhizomes in autumn and store in a frost-free environment in barely-moist compost or leaf mould. Resist planting out until all risk of frost has passed.

  • CAUTION do not eat ornamental bulbs