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  • Eco apple bird feeder

    Eco apple bird feeder

    Bird feeder made from recycled plant pots


  • Squirrel Slinky

    Squirrel Slinky

    Take pole position in the battle against raiding squirrels


  • Japanese birdfeeder

    Japanese birdfeeder

    Elegant and robust hanging bird table


  • Copper nut feeder

    Copper nut feeder

    Attractive polished copper nut feeder


  • Copper seed feeder

    Copper seed feeder

    Polished copper hanging seed feeder


  • Copper suet/ball dispenser

    Copper suet/ball dispenser

    Attractive polished copper suet feeder

    £21.99 £18.99

  • Pinecone bird feeder

    Pinecone bird feeder

    Unique decorative bird feeder


  • Bird bath feeder & wall bracket

    Bird bath feeder & wall bracket

    Decorative wall mounted bird bath


  • Decorative squirrel proof fat snax feeder

    Decorative squirrel proof fat snax feeder

    Elegant metal feeder for fat balls or suet rolls


  • Supreme complete feeding station

    Supreme complete feeding station

    Heavy duty complete bird feeder


  • 4 way crook

    4 way crook

    Designed to last in all weathers


  • Apperley suet feeder

    Apperley suet feeder

    Handcrafted wooden feeder for suet logs or peanut butter

    £9.99 £7.99