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  • Ant killer granules

    Ant killer granules

    Effective ant control

    500g can


  • Baby bio house plant bug killer

    Baby bio house plant bug killer

    Fast, effective control of a variety of pests

    1 litre


  • Bug and larvae killer

    Bug and larvae killer

    Control a wide range of pests

    750ml trigger bottle


  • Bug clear ultra gun

    Bug clear ultra gun

    Kills all major insect pests and protects for up to 3 weeks

    1 litre


  • Bug clear ultra vine weevil killer

    Bug clear ultra vine weevil killer

    Keep pots and containers bug-free



  • Catwatch cat deterrent

    Catwatch cat deterrent

    The only cat deterrent tested and recommended by The RSPB


  • Copper rimmed cloche - bronze

    Copper rimmed cloche - bronze

    Provides a barrier to keep slugs and snails away from plants


  • Copper snail and slug tape

    Copper snail and slug tape

    This is a great way to keep both slugs and snails off your potted plants

    5 metre pack


  • Electronic indoor mouse deterrent

    Electronic indoor mouse deterrent

    Rid your home of mice without poison or traps - we have the technology!


  • Fungus clear ultra gun

    Fungus clear ultra gun

    Easy spray treatment against black spot, rust and powdery mildew

    1 litre


  • Greaseband


    Highly effective against winter moth caterpillar



  • Nemasprayer


    Quick and easy application of nematodes