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  • DeWit bow tine rake

    DeWit bow tine rake

    Heavy duty rake for levelling, clearing, etc


  • DeWit brass tipped dibber

    DeWit brass tipped dibber

    The dibber has a brass end to protect the wood



  • DeWit broadfork

    DeWit broadfork

    Loosening the soil without damaging


  • DeWit cape cod weeder

    DeWit cape cod weeder

    The small blade slices weeds below the surface.



  • DeWit corkscrew weeder long T grip handle

    DeWit corkscrew weeder long T grip handle

    BBC Gardeners World Magazine - Best Buy - An ingenious weeder

    long handled


  • DeWit diamond headed hoe

    DeWit diamond headed hoe

    The long 1.6 meter hand helps prevent back strain.



  • DeWit double hoe straight

    DeWit double hoe straight

    Great tool for digging out planting rows in your allotment garden.



  • DeWit double leaf rake

    DeWit double leaf rake

    Raking made easy


  • DeWit Dutch hoe

    DeWit Dutch hoe

    An original Dutch push hoe.


  • DeWit essential tool set

    DeWit essential tool set

    A great gift for gardeners


  • DeWit gardener's axe

    DeWit gardener's axe

    Incredibly strong axe forged from boron steel


  • DeWit hand bulb planter

    DeWit hand bulb planter

    Robust, tapered tool with a sharpened rim.