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  • De Wit perennial planter

    De Wit perennial planter

    This heart shaped tool is a must for border perennial planting.



  • De Wit planting trowel

    De Wit planting trowel

    Very sharp edge making it easy to dig with one hand.



  • De wit ninja cultivator

    De wit ninja cultivator

    A very useful and unique tool


  • De Wit tulip trowel

    De Wit tulip trowel

    The tulip trowel is designed for making plantholes in heavy clay soil.



  • De Wit small fork with long 'T' handle

    De Wit small fork with long 'T' handle

    Good for working between your flowerbeds, vegetables and plants in borders.


  • De Wit hand fork

    De Wit hand fork

    Flat sharpened tines enable easier soil penetration



  • De Wit transplant trowel

    De Wit transplant trowel

    Perfect for working in tight spots.