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Ceramic bee nester

Ceramic bee nester

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Product description

The ceramic bee nester is a fully functioning nest for bumble bees. Originally made from straw or wicker, this ceramic construction is a modern interpretation of a centuries old design, conceived to provide an attractive and functioning wildlife item suitable for any modern garden. Beautiful in its appearance, it can help provide a safe and dry nesting site for these beneficial garden pollinators. The nest may be used with or without its base and is therefore suitable for any paved/patio area or the garden/hedgerow. Use from February onwards. Locate the nest low, or on the ground in a sheltered position in dappled sunlight, under a hedge or adjacent to a wall line is ideal. Ceramic construction gives dry, secure nesting. Bumblebees are essential garden pollinators. Attractive design to enhance any patio, garden or wildlife area.

Please note: ceramic nester only (wooden house surround not supplied).

19cm x 21cm x 21cm