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Ladybird tower

Ladybird tower

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Product description

An ideal gift for any nature-loving gardener. The central softwood trunk has been drilled to give access to the insulated inner chamber - providing a safe environment for up to 100 ladybirds over winter. Hardwood base and roof.

Features include:

  • Central chamber filled with natural material
  • There are many holes drilled at an upward angle for the insects to reach the insulated inner chamber
  • It provides a safe environment for up to 100 ladybirds to hibernate breed and eat
  • Roof panel may be removed for inspection or cleaning
  • The roof and base are made from oak or similar durable timber
  • Ground pole provided so the tower is easy to site on lawns
  • No preservatives should be used as may be harmful to ladybirds
  • Made with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) wood
  • Approx 30cm tall on a 30cm stake

Ladybird food attractant (sold separately)
Ladybird attractant can be placed on the tower to help attract ladybirds