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  • Wicker hedgehog house

    Wicker hedgehog house

    Perfect for hibernating hedgehogs


  • Hedgehog house

    Hedgehog house

    Encourage hedgehogs to set up home

    oak / birch / larch


  • Glazed ceramic toad house

    Glazed ceramic toad house

    Specially designed toad abode!

    £11.99 £9.99

  • Deluxe hedgehog care pack

    Deluxe hedgehog care pack

    Complete care pack for hedgehogs


  • Frogilo frog & toad home

    Frogilo frog & toad home

    Invite frogs and toads into the garden to control slugs


  • Hedgehog haus

    Hedgehog haus

    Safe and stylish shelter for a wild hedgehog


  • Hedgehog pot

    Hedgehog pot

    Keep the hedgehogs in your garden warm and safe


  • I love hedgehogs feed

    I love hedgehogs feed

    Specially formulated food for hedgehogs

    500g bag


  • Igloo hedgehog home

    Igloo hedgehog home

    Safe and dry shelter for a hedgehog family


  • Spike's delicious dry hedgehog food

    Spike's delicious dry hedgehog food

    Dry feed suitable for adults and hoglets



  • Spike's meaty feast hedgehog food

    Spike's meaty feast hedgehog food

    Specially formulated food for garden visitors



  • Spike's semi-moist hedgehog food

    Spike's semi-moist hedgehog food

    A tasty treat that will keep hedgehogs coming back for more