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  • Window bird treat tray

    Window bird treat tray

    Perfect way to see the birds close-up


  • Complete window feeder for birds

    Complete window feeder for birds

    Watch feeding birds from the comfort of your armchair


  • Mesh ground feeder tray

    Mesh ground feeder tray

    Ideal feeding for ground feeding birds


  • Mealworm feeder

    Mealworm feeder

    Mealworm feeder for feeding dried mealworms and many other feeds


  • Squirrel-proof peanut feeder

    Squirrel-proof peanut feeder

    Keep your nuts safe from squirrels

    peanut feeder


  • Heavy duty nut feeder

    Heavy duty nut feeder

    Large nut feeder which is bite proof to squirrels



  • Toast holder for feeding birds

    Toast holder for feeding birds

    Recycle don't just waste your cold toast.

    toast holder


  • Hanging bird feeding station

    Hanging bird feeding station

    A complete, decorative but very practical hanging bird feeding station

    feeding station


  • Porcelain wall bird feeder

    Porcelain wall bird feeder

    Decorative bird feeder for your garden


  • Fat snax feeder ring

    Fat snax feeder ring

    Holds the suet balls for easy snacking


  • Goldfinch feeder tube

    Goldfinch feeder tube

    Comes ready-filled with niger seed irresistable to goldfinches


  • Stake bird bath - white

    Stake bird bath - white

    Our ever popular bird feeder