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  • Blue tit terracotta bird pot

    Blue tit terracotta bird pot

    Attractive and practical home for tits and other small birds


  • Sparrow flats

    Sparrow flats

    Encourage sparrows to set up home


  • Blue tit nesting box

    Blue tit nesting box

    Look after the homeless with this blue tit nesting box.


  • Barn owl box

    Barn owl box

    Attract beautiful barn owls to the garden

    owl box

    £139.99 £109.99

  • Swift nesting box

    Swift nesting box

    Help protect vulnerable swifts

    nesting box


  • Wren box/copper roof

    Wren box/copper roof

    Robust and elegant timber bird box


  • Blue tit box/copper roof

    Blue tit box/copper roof

    Classically designed bird house


  • Great tit box/copper roof

    Great tit box/copper roof

    Also suitable for coat tits and crested tits


  • Beehive bird house

    Beehive bird house

    Cosy beehive style nesting box


  • Blue tit box

    Blue tit box

    Designed for smaller garden birds


  • Bird box with slate effect roof

    Bird box with slate effect roof

    FSC-certified timber bird house with adjustable entrance


  • Everyday multi nest box

    Everyday multi nest box

    Suitable for a variety of species