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  • Bulb fibre

    Bulb fibre

    Get bulbs off to a strong start

    10 litre bag


  • Compost maker - Garotta

    Compost maker - Garotta

    Speed up the natural composting process

    3.5 kg box


  • Fresh sphagnum moss

    Fresh sphagnum moss

    Extremely long lasting.


  • Gro-Sure smart cover

    Gro-Sure smart cover

    Smart mulch that locks in place when watered

    100 litre bag


  • Hydroleca


    Decorative topping for pots, displays, etc

    20 litre bag


  • Miracle-Gro expand 'n' gro compost

    Miracle-Gro expand 'n' gro compost

    Expands up to three times when watered

    40 litres


  • Organic all purpose compost

    Organic all purpose compost

    For vegetables, fruit and flowers

    20 litre bag


  • Organic seed compost

    Organic seed compost

    Give seedlings a strong start

    8 litre


  • Organic soil improver

    Organic soil improver

    Improvement that will last for years

    4.5 kg bag


  • Organic tree soil improver

    Organic tree soil improver

    Promotes quicker establishment

    5 kg bag


  • Strulch organic garden mulch

    Strulch organic garden mulch

    As used by the RHS Gardens at Wisley for mulching veg & fruit

    1 × 100 litre bag