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  • Anvil geared lopper

    Anvil geared lopper


  • Asparagus knife / perennial cutter

    Asparagus knife / perennial cutter

    Cut spears cleanly below soil level


  • Beech dibber

    Beech dibber

    Hand crafted Engish beech

    £5.99 £2.99

  • Bulb planting auger

    Bulb planting auger

    For planting larger quantities of bulbs in a flash



  • Bulldog border fork

    Bulldog border fork

    Compact fork perfect for smaller spaces



  • Bulldog border spade

    Bulldog border spade

    Compact spade perfect for smaller spaces



  • Bulldog treaded digging spade

    Bulldog treaded digging spade

    Exceptionally strong steel digging spade

    standard 98cm


  • Bypass secateurs

    Bypass secateurs

    Smaller proportions for an easier grip


  • Compact compound bypass lopper

    Compact compound bypass lopper


  • Compact snips

    Compact snips

    For light pruning and floral art


  • Compost stirrer / compost aerator

    Compost stirrer / compost aerator

    Mixing up your compost regularly will help to increase the rate of decay

    compost aerator

    £16.99 £7.99

  • Compound action small pruner

    Compound action small pruner

    Lightweight lever-action pruners for easier cutting