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  • Egg ribbed planter white

    Egg ribbed planter white

    Stylish deep bowl planter with a ribbed finish


    £39.99 £35.99

  • Elizabethan lightweight planter

    Elizabethan lightweight planter

    Light and durable square planter with a beautifully rendered lead-effect finish

    faux lead


  • Elizabethan lightweight trough

    Elizabethan lightweight trough

    Light and durable trough with a beautifully rendered lead-effect finish

    large faux lead


  • Embossed aged planter

    Embossed aged planter

    Versatile all-rounder



  • Embossed aged tray

    Embossed aged tray

    Prevent moisture stains



  • Fraska terracotta pot

    Fraska terracotta pot

    Attractive beehive style pot



  • Galvanised planters

    Galvanised planters

    square bowl


  • Galvanised pots in a tray

    Galvanised pots in a tray

    Perfect for windowsills

    3 pots


  • Galvanised square tray

    Galvanised square tray


  • Galvanised tray

    Galvanised tray

    4cm x 13cm


  • Geo  lightweight bowl

    Geo lightweight bowl

    Create a peaceful Japanese garden feel



  • Geo cube lightweight planter

    Geo cube lightweight planter

    Light and contemporary cube planter with a modern aluminium finish



  • Geo lightweight trough

    Geo lightweight trough

    Ideal for segmenting the garden

    medium aluminium


  • Geo lightweight windowbox

    Geo lightweight windowbox

    Contemporary windowbox made from weatherproof fibreglass

    small aluminium


  • Geo square lightweight planter

    Geo square lightweight planter

    Tall contemporary planter made from durable fibreglass



  • Glaze lite egg pot blue

    Glaze lite egg pot blue

    Innovative pots that look like pottery but endure like plastic


    £14.99 £13.99

  • Glazed cider jar

    Glazed cider jar

    Traditional style pot inspired by farmhouse containers



  • Glazed flower pot

    Glazed flower pot

    Perfect for statement plants

    small - navy


  • Small glazed herb pot

    Small glazed herb pot

    Stylish pots for any garden or patio

    navy - small


  • Small glazed pan pot

    Small glazed pan pot

    Create a feature in the garden or conservatory



  • Gold dune planter

    Gold dune planter

    A touch of modern luxury



  • Gold feather planter

    Gold feather planter

    Stylish planters for indoor use

    Denim blue


  • Gold poinsettia planter

    Gold poinsettia planter

    Ideal for the Christmas table



  • Deep hanging basket

    Deep hanging basket

    Great where space is tight


    £27.99 £9.79