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  • Dewdrop wildbird feeder

    Dewdrop wildbird feeder

    Unique decorative feeder


  • Dewdrop wildbird nester

    Dewdrop wildbird nester

    Unique dewdrop-shaped nesting box for small hole nesters


  • Dovecote nest box

    Dovecote nest box

    Perfect home for blue tits and other small hole nesters


  • Eco apple bird feeder

    Eco apple bird feeder

    Bird feeder made from recycled plant pots


  • Everyday multi nest box

    Everyday multi nest box

    Suitable for a variety of species


  • Feeder 'S' hook

    Feeder 'S' hook

    Can be used anywhere to hang almost anything


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  • Feeder fresh

    Feeder fresh

    For clean, mould-free bird feeders



  • Feeding station patio stand

    Feeding station patio stand

    Support pole bird feeders on hard surfaces


  • Feeding station stabilisers

    Feeding station stabilisers

    Extra support for pole feeders


  • Flutter butter

    Flutter butter

    Peanut butter for birds!



  • Flutter butter deluxe feeder

    Flutter butter deluxe feeder

    Feeder for Flutter Butter jars


  • Flutter butter pod - buggy

    Flutter butter pod - buggy

    Easy-fit jar of peanut butter blended with mealworms