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  • Apperley suet feeder

    Apperley suet feeder

    Handcrafted wooden feeder for suet logs or peanut butter


  • Apple / suet bird feeder

    Apple / suet bird feeder


  • Archway ground feeder

    Archway ground feeder

    Attract robins and other ground-feeding species


  • Bat box

    Bat box

    Encourage bat visitors to the garden


  • Bee & bug biome

    Bee & bug biome

    Provide a safe home for beneficial bees and bugs


  • Bee and bug home

    Bee and bug home

    A safe haven for all garden wildlife


  • Bee and insect house

    Bee and insect house

    Attract bees and bugs with this attractive house


  • Bee brick

    Bee brick

    Provides a stylish nesting site for solitary bees

    small block


  • Beepot bee hotel

    Beepot bee hotel

    A smart check in for bees!



  • Beverstone bee house

    Beverstone bee house

    Welcome friendly pollinating bees to the garden


  • Bird alert window stickers

    Bird alert window stickers

    Prevent birds colliding with windows


  • Bird bath hanging with gift box

    Bird bath hanging with gift box

    Antique-style cast iron hanging bird bath