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  • Seedlings and cuttings tray

    Seedlings and cuttings tray

    Retro seedlings and cuttings tray


    £19.99 £8.39

  • Corsica hanging basket, 30cm

    Corsica hanging basket, 30cm

    It comes in 3 great colours.

    White, 30cm


  • Galvanised oval tray

    Galvanised oval tray

    Looks good in the kitchen or the potting shed


  • Galvanised window trough

    Galvanised window trough

    Filigree window trough



  • Large Indian brazier bowl

    Large Indian brazier bowl

    Very big and very solid


  • Cast-iron and coir doormat

    Cast-iron and coir doormat

    An office favourite


  • Cast-iron doormat

    Cast-iron doormat

    Make the perfect entrance to your home


  • Plant taxi pot mover

    Plant taxi pot mover

    Suitable to carry a planter for easy relocation

    Terracotta, 40cm


  • Pure round pot, 50cm

    Pure round pot, 50cm

    These are very light weight

    White, 50cm


  • Cast-iron fryer for outdoor cooking

    Cast-iron fryer for outdoor cooking

    Cooking outdoors couldn't be easier


  • Oban bench

    Oban bench

    FSC Eucalyptus wood with a weathered finish


  • Cast-iron oval fire pit

    Cast-iron oval fire pit

    Stylish outdoor heating


  • Metal fish plant markers

    Metal fish plant markers

    Set of 4 decorative plant markers

    set of 4


  • Swing hammock with bars - rainbow

    Swing hammock with bars - rainbow

    Brighten up your garden


  • Swing hammock with bars - blue

    Swing hammock with bars - blue

    Relax for hours in this popular hammock


  • No dog poop sign

    No dog poop sign

    A gentle reminder for dog owners


  • Classic boot scraper

    Classic boot scraper

    Keep entrance ways clean with this stylish scraper


  • Oban rattan bench

    Oban rattan bench

    FSC Acacia wood with a weathered finish and new rattan seating


  • Nordeck cushion

    Nordeck cushion

    Additional comfort for your Nordeck chair


  • Prodder / blower

    Prodder / blower

    A fantastic, multi-use tool for the fire side


  • Quicker fruit picker

    Quicker fruit picker

    Pick fruit with ease


  • Low mound support

    Low mound support

    Support your plants and create a feature

    antique pewter


  • Fabric bunting - summer fiesta

    Fabric bunting - summer fiesta

    4.5m string with 15 flags in vibrant tropical shades



  • Fabric bunting - autumn hues

    Fabric bunting - autumn hues

    4.5m string with 15 flags in rich natural tones